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Adirondack Radiology Associates physicians provide both general diagnostic radiology services and radiology sub-specialty services. Please refer to the links on the right for more detailed information about specific types of examinations or services. Be assured all our physicians are trained in a variety of specialties. All of our physicians are Board Certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR), and most have fellowship training in a subspecialty area.

Exam Results

Because all exams are interpreted by trained and experienced radiologists, you will not receive your results from the technologist who performs your exam. Our radiologists and technologists will be happy to answer questions about the exam procedure itself. However, in most cases our radiologists will report your exam results to the ordering physician. In turn, your physician will pass the results on to you. This procedure may seem awkward at times, but is usually in your best interest, as your personal physician will best be able to put the exam results in the context of your overall state of health and discuss any recommended treatment.

Although you may not see the radiologist personally, please be assured that he or she will supervise and personally interpret your exam, with a report usually issued within one business day.

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Phone: (518) 793-1000
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