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CT Biopsy(performed at Glens Falls Hospital)

Explanation of the Exam

The radiologist will provide detailed information and obtain your informed consent prior to the procedure. After preliminary CT scans are taken to localize the tissue to be biopsied, this area will be anesthetized and a small needle will be inserted to obtain a tissue sample. The tissue sample will be sent to the pathology department for analysis.

Approximate Exam Time

1 hour. After the examination, you may need to remain in the hospital for 1 to 6 hours for recovery.

Preparation Instructions

Do not eat or drink for four (4) hours prior to the procedure, except for medication. Please arrive at Glens Falls Hospital Registration desk 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Please inform the staff if there is any possibility of PREGNANCY or history of contrast allergy at the time of scheduling your appointment. Please inform the staff if you are taking blood thinning medications (e.g., coumadin, heparin) or have a bleeding disorder. Avoid use of aspirin or aspirin-containing medications for 5 days prior to your CT biopsy procedure.

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